last update on 15th of Sep 2020

Head of group : Hideyuki USUI (Kobe University)

The active SHOTS members present at SWT19 at ESA/ESTEC, October 2019.

Active members for the current year (Apr 2020 -)

Name (institute)MethodteamComments
Sae Aizawa (IRAP)MHD/hybrid (LatHyS)Organizer/Co-founder
Léa Griton (IRAP)MHD (AMRVAC)Co-founder
Willi Exner(TU Braunschweig)Hybrid (AIKEF)Co-founder
Shahab Fatemi (IRF)Hybrid (AMITIS)Co-founder
Manabu Yagi (RIKEN)MHD
Jorge Amaya (KU Leuven)PIC
Hideyuki Usui (Kobe Univ.)PICHead
Daniel Heyner (TU Braunschweig)
Go Murakami (ISAS/JAXA)Observer
Jan Deca (LASP)PIC
Nicolas André (IRAP)
Vincent Genot (IRAP)CDPP
Filippo Pantellini (LESIA)MHD (AMRVAC)
Chuanfei Dong (Princeton)Multi-fluid MHDKH
Jérémy Dargent (Pisa)PIC (Smilei)KH
Pierre Henri (LPC2E)KH
Francesco Califano (Pisa)KH
Christopher M. Bard (NASA-GSFC)MHDOV
Tomas Karlsson (KTH)KH, MH
Stavro Ivanovski (INAF)MHD
Olivier Le Contel (LPP)
Federico Lavorenti (OCA)PIC (Smilei)KH

Support members (last update on 7th March 2020)

Previous members (last update on 7th March 2020)

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