Any questions about the SHOTS activity?
1) Why do you have two teams (Active and Support)?
It is more efficient to go ahead with the project one by one
You receive a lot of email everyday …. in order not to annoy people
2) What can people who analyze the data contribute to this activity?
When we provide the data along the virtual orbit path (same format as Bepiwill provide), you can analyze data.
If you have a specific topic to discuss, you can be an active member to discuss physics together
3) I have (use) simulation code, how can I join?
Please contact us directly
(As for the 2nd year, it may be too early to add other codes. )
4) I use the exospheric model …. can we collaborate?
Yes. We can consider input/output parameters with exospheric models
5) I have someone in my mind who will be interested in this project, can I add him/her?
Yes. Everyone can browse our webpage. If he/she agrees with our objective and mind, feel free to ask us.
(We are preparing registration form on our webpage)

Any other questions? Do not hesitate to ask!